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Americana Heart Light Pens

Fabric Heart n' Boa Pens

Jeweled Pens in Holder

Silver n' Gold Beaded Pens

Love the USA? Then you'll love this whimsical pen, whose heart clearly belongs to the red, white, and blue! It lights up as you write (pushing down on the pen tip). Black ink. 6 1/4" long. Sold per 2 dozen. Item: 33072
Retail $47.76
Wholesale $25.40
A real sweetheart of a pen, with soft fabric heart (all aglitter with sequins), shiny laser cloth, and a billowy feather boa. Black ink. Assorted colors. 2 1/4" x 5/8" x 9 1/4" high. Sold per dozen. Item: 33126

Retail $24.95
Wholesale $13.30

Glittering with bright beads and colorful rhinestones, this pen is a delight to write with! Blue ink. Assorted designs. 5" high. Sold per set of 20. Item: 33111

Retail $52.29
Wholesale $26.55

Pens in elaborate silver and gold beadwork. Blue ink. 5" long. Sold as a set of 21 (including holder). Item:  34545

Retail $52.29
Wholesale $26.55


Halloween Dancing Pens 

Assorted Rose Pens In Pot 

Xmas Dancing Pens

Halloween "dancing" pens. 5 2/3 cm x 19 cm long. Sold in a pack of 24 with display stand. Item:  34530

Retail $47.76
Wholesale $25.45

A beautiful desk accessory, this pot holds posies which are really pens and comes with "A Rose Pen For You" label. All have blue ink. 6 3/4" long. Sold per 2 dozen. Item: 31458
Retail $47.76
Wholesale $25.45
Christmas "dancing" pens. Black ink. 19 1/10 cm x 5 cm wide. Sold in a pack of 24 with display stand. Item:  34529

Retail $47.76
Wholesale $25.45

Feather Writing Pens

Feather Flower Pens In Box

Assorted Angel Pens

StarGlow Writer Pens

Tickle your own fancy with these feather-topped fancy pens in hot colors. 9 1/2" long. Sold per dozen. Item: 31625

Retail $11.95
Wholesale $6.35

With feather flower top and a sparkly, textured finish, this delightful pen is sure to tickle your fancy every time you write with it! Black ink. 3 1/4" x 3/4" x 10 1/4" high. Sold per dozen. Item: 33125
Retail $17.95
Wholesale $9.55
Gather a flock of colorful angels to help you with your work. These bright pens come in assorted colors and write in blue ink. 1 1/4" x 6 1/2" high. Sold per 3 dozen. Item: 31459
Retail $71.64
Wholesale $38.15
The StarGlow Writer has tiny stars cascading through the barrel, and lights up as you write. Glittering, glowing, good fun! Black ink. 6 1/4" long. 2 dozen per package. Display included. Item: 34309
Retail $95.76
Wholesale $51.00