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Cow Light Pens 

Statue of Liberty Pens 

Alien Light Pens 

As if the bovine motif of this pen wasn't enough to tickle your fancy, the cow's eyes also light up when you push down on the pen tip. You'll want to write until the cows come home! 6 1/4" long. Sold per 2 dozen. Item: 33073

Retail $47.76
Wholesale $25.40

The Statue of Liberty stands tall and proud on this Americana pen. 8 3/4" long. Sold per 3 dozen. Item: 33279

Retail $71.64
Wholesale $38.15

A pen that's out of this world, with an extraterrestrial surprise: as you write (pushing down on the pen tip), the alien's eyes light up with a red, otherworldly light. Black ink. 8 1/4" long. Display included. Sold per 2 dozen. Item: 33071

Retail $47.76
Wholesale $25.40


Snippy Serpent Bubble Pen  

Sequin/Glitter Pens/Holder 

Snippy Serpent bubble pen. 6 3/4" high. Sold in a pack of 24 with display rack Item: 35374

Retail $71.76
Wholesale $38.20

Beaded and sequined pens. Assorted colors. 5 long. Sold in a pack of 21 with holder. Item: 35215

Retail $52.29
Wholesale $26.55