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Trendy Toe Rings

Birthstone Rings

Coconut Shell Necklaces

Butterfly Pins

Trendy toe rings in six assorted styles for all occasions. Open rings. 1 dozen per package. Item: 30924

Retail $59.88
Wholesale $31.90

Gold-plated birthstone-colored ring assortment. One size fits all! Display Included. 6 dozen per package. Item: 22918

Retail $178.20
Wholesale $95.00

Hand-crafted and colorfully presented, these rustic, coconut bead necklaces are a lovely, island fashion statement. 4 different colors. 16" long. 1 dozen per package. Item: 31684

Retail $35.88
Wholesale $19.10

Wear this beautiful, hand-enameled butterfly pin to accent a blouse, jacket, or scarf. Assorted colors. 22K gold plated. 2 1/2" wide. 1 dozen per package. Item: 33052
Retail $59.88
Wholesale $31.90

Cubic Zirconia Toe Rings

Sterling Silver and Rhinestone Nose Pins

Enamel Insects Pins

Sterling silver and crystal toe rings in six different styles. 1 dozen per package. Item: 32442

Retail $71.40
Wholesale $38.05

Sterling silver and rhinestone nose pins. Assorted styles. 20 per package. Item: 33932

Retail $39.80
Wholesale $21.20

Enameled pins for lovers of the insect world. Selection includes: ladybug, dragonfly,
butterfly, and bee. Largest is 2 1/4" wide x 1 3/8". 1 dozen per package. Item: 30762
Retail $59.88
Wholesale $27.35

Black Cord Cross Necklaces

"WWJD" Assorted Necklaces

Dragonfly Pins

Rose Pins

An antique-look cross is the focal point of this Fimo, cord necklace, available in three colors. 18" long. Assorted colors. 1 dozen per package. Item: 29334

Retail $35.88
Wholesale $16.40

Four pendants of love and faith make up this assortment. From the gentle dolphin to a "best friend" heart to two "What Would Jesus Do," designs, these fine reminders come complete with 18" black bead-and-coil cords. 18" long. 1 dozen per package. Item: 30252
Retail $35.88
Wholesale $23.95
A dragonfly pin in sparkling irridescent color makes the perfect accessory to all your fine attire. Hand enameled; 22K gold plated. Assorted colors. 2" wide. 1 dozen per package. Item: 33051

Retail $59.88
Wholesale $31.95

Here's a pretty rose you can wear everywhere you go! Pink or red petals, sculpted from clay, on stems with 22K gold plating. 2" long. 1 dozen per package. Item: 33054

Retail $59.88
Wholesale $31.95